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How to fast download

images (3)If you are reading this post and hoping to get some secret magic trick to increase your internet download speed like you see in many YouTube fake videos, then just stay here and read the following paragraph bellow.

Actually that there is no magical trick to increase your internet download speed. Here in this post I will show you how you can utilize your internet bandwidth properly so that you always get the speed you pay for every month. Also I’m going to show you why there is no magical trick to increase internet speed. All the magical internet speed hike posts and videos are made for mainly two reasons. Either to insert some virus into your PC or to make you fool.

How to know our actual internet speed?

Beside the virus or malware attacks, one of the most common reason people get slow internet speed is because they have subscribed for a slow internet speed package. Let me give you one example, the internet package I use on my PC is at a speed of 1Mbps. Now none of us actually gets the speed our ISP tells us but never completely understood why, right? Let me clarify that for you.

As you can see I use a 1Mbps internet line and I wrote my speed as 1Mb, not as 1MB. Though there is just a difference of small and capital “B”, but there is actually a lot of difference in the meaning. When an internet service provider write 1Mbps speed, it means One Mega Bit Per Second whereas 1MBps denotes One Mega Byte Per Second. Now 1 MB > 1Mb as Byte > Bit and 1 Byte = 8 Bit.

So, you might be thinking that how to know my actual download speed that before subscribing any package. Well you can either Google as 1Mb to MB or 768 Kb to KB or something like that. But if you don’t have Google in front of your hand you can just do a simple calculation on your calculation,dividing the Mbps speed by 8 will give you the MBps speed and at the same way Kbps/8 will give you the KBps speed. So as I am using an 1 MBps connection the maximum download speed I’m eligible to get from my connection is 125 KB/s or 0.125MB/s.

Why do we get show internet speed?

There are many reasons for slow internet download speed. Here I’m going to share 5 most common reasons for slow internet speed. One of this will be the reason for 99% users who are facing slow internet speed. But before starting them up lets watch this small video about how slow internet connection can ruin our life .

Now as you can see that slow internet connection is like a curse in our fast living life. So, let’s fix that.

1. Virus or Malware

There are many reasons for getting slow internet speed. One of the major reason is virus or malware. Virus like key logger actually take all the sensitive information from your computer and keep sending them to the author by using your internet, which actually slows down your internet performance. There are also many virus which actually just keep uses your network and internet connection for various nasty works and mainly to jam your network. So, I will highly suggest you to get a good and original antivirus for your PC. Don’t use pirated stuffs, it will make your PC even more vulnerable. If you can’t afford that, get at least Microsoft Security Essentials for your PC. It is completely free and awesome. Also sometimes few virus gets attached to your OS such a way that the only way to remove them is reformatting the OS.

2. Background Running Software

The next big reason of slow internet speed is running background software. This is one major reason which is slows down almost 67% users internet speed. I’ve seen this issue in most of my cases while solving various computer issues for my clients. Most of the people love to install new software on their system and most of them don’t even give concentration to the installation process. They just keep pressing next until everything is finished.

There are many applications which run in the background and you may not even know about them. There are even many software which runs in the background and uses your network for the internal purpose of the software. But if you check the list of software which are hogging your internet bandwidth, you might find out there are many applications installed in your PC which you may not even aware of and it just slowing down your network speed. In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or above you can just search for Resource Monitor & open it to check the network hogging apps. After opening Resource Monitor click on the Network tab present there. You will see the list of application which are using your network and also their send/receive data amount. If you find any application which is running but you are not aware of, just right click on that app and click End Process Tree.

3. Network Theft

This is another very common reason for slow internet connection. This is a real concern especially for those who uses wireless routers or WiFi for accessing internet on your devices. Generally all WiFi routers has minimum 300 meters signal range. So, if anyone knows the security key of your WiFi network, the person can easily access your WiFi network within your WiFi range. In this case as another person is also accessing your network and using your bandwidth, so you will never get the full of your bandwidth as it is getting shared with other users using your WiFi. In any case if the number of such users get high you might get such bandwidth which is not even enough for opening a YouTube Video.

Mostly every ISP sets a password to your WiFi at the time of setup but people don’t change that password. I will suggest you to change your WiFi password at least once a week or once a month. This is very important and if you have a WiFi network which is open and not password protected. Make sure you password protect it immediately. Also do not share your WiFi password with someone whom you do not want to give access to your internet.

4. Slow Internet Package

As I said earlier, many users don’t even know that what internet speed package they are using and just scream for more speed. If you don’t know the speed details of you connect, I will highly suggest you to contact your ISP and know more about the maximum speed allowed in the package you are already subscribed. Then you can use the calculation I have mentioned above to calculate the maximum download speed you can get from your connection. If you don’t like that, then you can always upgrade your internet speed package. Please contact your ISP for more information about any upgradation.

5. Using built-in Browser Downloader

Most of the people uses the built-in browser downloader for downloading their file. If you are downloading small work files, then these built-in browser downloader will be enough for you. If you are downloading large and big files, these built-in downloader can never give you the optimum download speed you deserve instead you might see drop in the download speed after few time if you are using browser’s built-in downloader. As per my review no browser’s built-in downloader is good enough to handle large downloads.

For getting the optimum download speed you deserve from your internet connection I will highly suggest you to use Internet Download Manager(IDM). I know many of you who are reading this article is already familiar with it but those who are not I’ll highly suggest you to purchase this little piece of software and you will feel that this is one of your smarted investments you have ever mane. IDM costs just only $29.95. They also give promotional offers many times in year, so you might even get some discount also.

IDM uses very sophisticated download algorithm, which breaks the content you are downloading into several pieces and then download them so that you get the fastest download speed you deserve. IDM also uses a great priority algorithm, which gives more network priority to IDM, when it is running and hence give you the best download speed you deserve.

Is it worth purchasing IDM?

Trust me, it is! You have no idea what this little software is capable of until you install it in your PC. Besides increasing download speed this software is also qualifies for grabbing audio or video contents from almost any site you visit. Be it YouTube or Vimeo or anything. You can even grab websites by using this little software. If you purchase this software, after using it for 3 weeks, you will certainly say that this is one of the best purchase you have made for your PC.

Know the Key of Uploading and Downloading Files

To upload your files to Amazon Glacier:

  1. Start FastGlacier and select the vault that you plan to use as destination.

Select the Vault that you plan to use as destination.

You can also create a new Amazon Glacier Vault if necessary.

  1. Click the Uploadbutton and choose Upload file(s)or Upload Folder.

Click Upload -> Upload file(s) or Upload -> Upload Folder

  1. Select the files you want to upload.

Select the files you want to upload

Or select the folder to upload

Select the folder you want to upload

The upload process will begin. You can track the progress on the Tasks tab.

You can see currently uploading files on the Tasks tab.

The context menu allows you to start, stop, cancel and retry the tasks.

Tasks context menu allows you to start, stop, cancel and retry the tasks.

With FastGlacier Pro you can significantly increase your uploading speed. To learn how to upload your files to Amazon Glacier at maximum speed possible, click here.

FastGlacier automatically saves the queue. You can restart application and continue uploading. For large files you can resume uploading from the position where it was stopped.

Data integrity: FastGlacier checks file integrity by calculating sha256 hash and sha256-tree-hash of an each part of the file and sha256-tree-hash of the whole file when completing the upload. If the hashes do not match, you will see corresponding error message and file will not be written.


How to download files from Amazon Glacier

FastGlacier allows you to download one or multiple files as well as a whole folder or vault.

Retrieving the file(s) from Amazon Glacier is a two-step process:

  • Initiate a retrieval job.
  • After the job completes, download the file.

To download file(s) and/or folder(s):

  1. Start FastGlacier and select the vault that contains the files you want to download.

Select the Vault that contains the files you want to download.

  1. Select the file(s) and/or folder(s) which you need to download and clickDownload.
  2. Select the file(s) you want to download and click the Downloadbutton.

Data Retrieval Confirmation dialog will appear:

Choose the retrieval method and confirm data retrieval.

  1. Choose the retrieval method and confirm data retrieval.
  2. Choose a destination folder on your local disk and click OK.

Select the folder on your local disk and click OK.

  1. FastGlacier will initiate a retreival job(s) and will check the job status each 10 minutes (you can change polling interval in Tools, Options, General).

Selected files were requested. Please wait about four hours.

  1. After the job completes, your files will be ready for download. FastGlacier will start downloading your files automatically. You can track the progress on the Tasks tab.


How to Easy Download Google Drive files faster

If you ever tried to download large files from Google Drive via the web download method. You may have noticed that the downloads go really slowly.

Typically, to seeing download speeds between 300 kB/s and 500 kB/s. And usually, I’m seeing Drive download speeds on the lower end of that range…

Now, I don’t have fiber or anything, but I started to wonder what’s going on because 300kB/s is pretty pokey these days!

Thankfully, there is a really simple way to download from Google Drive at much faster speeds.

Get ready for this: Download Google Drive, and install it on your puter.

Next, log in to Google Drive on your puter with the same Google account you use online.

Now, when you want to download files from a Google Drive page on the web, you can just click the Add to Drive button.

This will automatically sync the files or folder you’re viewing to your puter. When you use the Google Drive application on your puter to do the downloading for you, it appears to use multiple download streams. It will also download more than 1 file at a time.

The end result?

You get downloads from Google Drive that use the full speed of your net connection.

If you’re worried about security, the Google Drive application simply installs a “Google Drive” folder on your puter. By default, only files copied into this special folder will be synced to the Almighty Cloud.

So, it’s not like Drive will automatically copy your entire hard drive onto Google’s servers. Besides, you only get 15GB of storage space for free.

You can also right-click the Google Drive icon in your system tray and disable “Run at Startup”, so Drive will only do its thing when you want it to.

Best Download Apps That You Must Have On Your New Smartphone

Whether you’re a first-time smartphone owner . With millions of apps available. This a little gadget will undoubtedly become an indispensable part of your> life day. But where to start?

The first apps anyone crams onto a new phone are pretty obvious: what are the services, social networks and games you already use? Most people go straight for Facebook (and its various offshoots, like Instagram andWhatsApp), YouTube, Snapchat, Netflix, Pandora, and the like. But there are millions of developers around the world toiling away on inventive and useful mobile apps that aren’t necessarily household names. Often, they creep up the top charts in the app stores, but not always.

Here’s a field guide to some of the less obvious, but still must-download apps for your shiny and deeply addictive new device.


Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Of course you’re going to scurry through the app store and and nab the most popular social networking apps first. But once you’ve done that, go ahead and download Periscope. It may not be as much of as household name as Twitter, its parent company, but the live broadcasting video app is already having an impact. Periscope is used by over 10 million people to view live broadcasts of breaking news events or the microwaving of macaroni and cheese. Launched by Twitter in March 2015,Periscope has raised concerns about piracy and sparked debates about the ethics of live-streaming as tragedy unfolds. Most of the videos are much more mundane than that. But there’s something fascinating about getting a little real-time window into somebody else’s world, and then having that window shut after 24 hours (that’s when Periscope videos disappear). Even if you’re not ready to live-stream your Christmas dinner to the world, go ahead and download Periscope to see what kind of random, weird, potentially riveting stuff is happening around the world right now.


It may have taken over a decade, but podcasts are officially all the rage. Thanks to the rise of Serial and other hits, the once-geeky mass medium is something you can chat about with the whole family during the holidays. But first, you need to spend the afternoon binge listening. There are a bunch of podcasting apps out there, including ones that come pre-installed on many devices. Stitcher has been around for a few years now, but it’s still hard to beat. Its design encourages discovery and listening without the user getting lost in choices (or distracted from driving, for that matter). Playlists, offline listening, and a priceless “listen later” button make collecting and hearing your favorite podcasts easier than most other apps allow.


Here’s a sentence I didn’t envision saying when I bought my first smartphone in 2008: Man, the app this newspaper company built is really awesome. But alas, here I am—and I mean it. There are countless apps that let you read the news and other articles on your phone (I still jump between Flipboard, Feedly, Longform, and Instapaper on the regular), but NYT Now is special. It takes the venerable brand and journalism of the nation’s “paper of record” and puts it in a well-designed, smartly curated, and easily digestible app that feels like it came from a stealthy startup. NYT Now is respectful of your time, offering bullet point summaries and reading time estimates beneath headlines. At the same time, it offers opportunities to delve into longform articles and read select pieces from other publishers, curated by the app’s editorial team. Somehow, NYT Now scratches both the itch to skim the news on the subway and dive deep on the sofa.


Despite being introduced nearly 30 years ago, the GIF (particularly the animated variety) is just now becoming a mainstay of modern communication. GIFs fill Tumblr, illustrate major news events on Twitter, and enhance our one-on-one communication via chat or IM. The team at Giphy is obviously well aware of just how indispensable these little animations have become in online life. That’s why the newest version of their Giphy Cam app makes it even easier to create, edit, and share GIFs. The app lets you select from a range of effects filters and superimposed graphics and text. Unlike the previous version of Giphy Cam, this one lets you grab images and videos from your phone’s camera roll, so you can make GIFs out of just about anything. More than just a holiday time waster, Giphy Cam will help you delight and entertain your friends and loved ones. Download Giphy Cam


One of the best apps to land on iOS this year is Workflow, a tool for automating tasks between the various apps on your phone. If you’re familiar with IFTTT (whose app, unlike Workflow, is available for Android too), you get the idea: You can define a series of actions in a simple, drag-and-drop interface and enable different services to talk to each other and unlock new possibilities.

Popular workflows include the ability to automatically pull up Google Maps directions for the next event on your calendar, tweet the song you’re listening to (or instantly find the lyrics online), or turn Live Photos and videos into GIFs. Workflow doesn’t have quite as many options as IFTTT (or “recipes” as that service calls them), but its interface is foolproof and its tight integration with iOS is a big plus.


The weather on the East Coast has been freakishly warm and rainy this holiday season. In fact, another drizzle is about to start in a few minutes. How do I know? I found out the same way I find out about missed calls, Slack mentions, Tinder matches, and horrifying current events: I got a push notification. Thanks to Dark Sky, the innovative weather app, I can get real-time notifications about changes in the conditions outside. Dark Sky takes the standard day-by-day (and hour-by-hour) weather forecasts up a notch with sleek, minimal elegance, subtle animations, and maps showing precipitation and temperatures shift around the globe.

But what makes Dark Sky the best weather app I’ve ever used is its timeliness. In addition to what the day (and subsequent days) are going to look like outside, Dark Sky spells out for users what is going to happen in the next several minutes.