If you have issues downloading the game, normally in internet is very fast. so there was no reason for me to be downloading. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Then I ran across a fix > a simple windows option that can be changed to allow a more free channel to send and receive data.

I went from above mentioned speeds to 2-3mb/s and had the game downloaded in about 20-30 minutes.

But before we get to that, let’s check some of these conditionals… (Found from browsing the forums for solutions.)

•Make sure you have disabled Hamachi by going to Device Manager and disabling Virtual Drives, or similar programs. (Might even have to uninstall)

•If you are downloading during a busy time of day, (3PM, 6PM,
-9PM,) a time when many people in your neighborhood will be
-using the internet, it’s possible the slow download is
-attributed to oversold ISP service in your area, try leaving
-it on at night when no one is using netflix nextdoor.

•Check to make sure you don’t have another game downloading
-through another game service, or your
-sister/brother/mom/dad/wife/husband isn’t using netflix at
-the same time.

•Try restarting your computer. This should flush your DNS and
-restart all Drivers to have your system running at optimal